The US Department of Energy (DOE) has conducted studies that show up to 40% of energy is lost due to air infiltration in the form of drafts through wall, sockets, windows and doorways!

Using Cellulose insulation to insulate an Attic

 Chances are good that your home could benefit from Applegate Insulation being added to your attic. Many homes have inadequate insulation—often none at all in older homes! Or your attic may be insulated with fiberglass that is doing a poor job. If needed, Applegate can be easily applied over existing insulation. Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratories found that capping loose-fill fiberglass insulation with Applegate not only adds R-value, it actually restores the effective R-value that fiberglass insulation loses during cold weather.


Using Cellulose insulation to insulate the walls of a residential or commercial home While the process of adding Cellulose to the walls of existing buildings is a little more complicated (see the Retro-fit Installation page), many homeowners of existing homes will benefit with Cellulose Insulation in the walls. A simple, quick inspection by an insulation professional is all that is needed to determine whether your home would benefit from additional wall insulation. Contact us to get your consultation today.

Using Cellulose insulation in a commercial building

Applegate Insulation has been used since its creation in hospitals, churches, apartment complexes and other non-industrial, commercial properties all over the United States. The same properties that make insulation great for a house, make it an excellent fit for commercial work as well.