Since 1978, we have been restoring older homes: the drafty ones. Today, we are insulating new developments. And, transforming cold offices and industrial complexes into pleasant workplaces. For effective results, it is imperative we know exactly where air filtrates a structure. This is not guess work. Computerized, diagnostic scanning is the key. We use a blower-door-fan which mounts on an entry way. Pressurized air is forced throughout the building, accurately computing: internal air flow, leakage rate and convective looping (the process of air movement within walls and ceilings). Our infra-red cameras can then seek out these trouble spots. Missed wall cavities, settling of older insulation around pipes and studding, in short, all hidden culprits are discovered and dealt with. This is quality control. You could say; we “scan” our own performance. And thus, offer quality results.


20Our business dates back to 1978 when it was started with one van and two employees, then called Lantz Roofing Co. and owned by Amos Lantz and his wife Sharon. In 1981 the business was sold to Amos’ brother Elam Lantz, when they decided to move to N.W. Ontario for an indefinite period of time. Elam continued the business, added the line of Insulation materials and renamed it Lantz Roofing and Insulation. After Amos and Sharon returned to Pennsylvania in 1984, Amos worked for Elam as roofer and salesman for the insulation part of the business. Roofing and Insulation were both doing well and they decided it would be a good idea to divide the business into two separate interests. Elam would stay with roofing and Amos went with Insulation. Amos’ goal was to become an insulation expert, which he did, by going to seminars and keeping updated on everything he could find on the subject. Because of that commitment we became known for our service and quality work and for our commitment in doing the best job we know how. Amos died in July of 1988, leaving the business to his wife Sharon. By December of that year, Elam joined us as part-time manager and moved his roofing business to our warehouse to be more available to the insulation company, on all levels of operations. By April of 1990, Elam sold his roofing business and came on with us full time as General Manger. We welcomed Elam, knowing that he had been with this business and would have much to offer as far as management and expertise in the insulation field. Elam and his wife Lena bought the business from Sharon in 1996. In looking back over the past, we’ve seen lots of changes within our company structure, especially since 1988. We miss Amos and deeply appreciate the foundation he set up, for all of us to go on. Our business purpose, quality products, and excellent service to our customers, has not changed, but rather remains the very heart and soul of our company.