Why Cellulose?


Cellulose is better for the environmentally and green concerned. According to Environmental Building News, Cellulose insulation should be a preferred insulation material for the environmentally concerned.


Cellulose is better for your health than traditional insulation. Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation eliminates irritating abrasive, airborne glass fiber particles, providing you with peace of mind regarding your indoor air quality. Applegate Insulation has been used by the American Lung Association of Virginia to insulate their Breath Easy office complex.


Cellulose is burn resistant. Cellulose insulation actually helps make homes safer by providing up to 50% better fire resistance than fiberglass. Occupants have more time to reach safety. Cellulose's unique liquid-injected fire retardants penetrate deep into cellulose fibers for added safety.


Cellulose has excellent sound damping qualities. It’s amazing how quiet homes are when interior walls are filled with Applegate Insulation. Applegate Insulation provides much better sound control when compared to most other insulations.


Cellulose is exceptional at reducing mold and deterioration. Applegate Insulation restricts air movement that can bring moist air into wall cavities where it could condense and activate mold spores