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About Lantz Insulation

Lantz Insulation knows building structures.

Since 1978, we have been restoring older homes: the drafty ones. Today, we are insulating new developments. And, transforming cold offices and industrial complexes into pleasant workplaces.


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For effective results, it is imperative we know exactly where air filtrates a structure. This is not guess work. Computerized, diagnostic scanning is the key.

We use a blower-door-fan which mounts on an entry way. Pressurized air is forced throughout the building, accurately computing: internal air flow, leakage rate and convective looping (the process of air movement within walls and ceilings). Our infra-red cameras can then seek out these trouble spots. Missed wall cavities, settling of older insulation around pipes and studding, in short, all hidden culprits are discovered and dealt with.

This is quality control. You could say; we “scan” our own performance. And thus, offer quality results.

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